The Property : “Fursan Equestrian Center”

In the heart of  Europe, 4 km from famous city of Chantilly "Capital of the horse" and  1/2 hr from  Charles de Gaulle International Airport is where you find "Fursan Equestrian Center".  It is 45 km from world renowned "Champs  Elysees" and 200 km from Belgium.

Chantilly is a historic and cosmopolitan city. Famous for its forests and race track, its facilities includes golf courses, hotels, restaurants and museums.

Mission statement :
With our dedicated and professional team, using world class facilities, we are strides ahead of our competitors by personalizing each equine athletes program.

This property has been home for many great names in the show jumping world. It  was home of Janou Lefèbvre in the 60's then  N. Pessoa, Manuel Malta da Costa, G.B. de Balanda and at a later stage in the 90's it was bought by Marie Courrèges, inheritant of the Courrèges fashion dynasty.

The facilities are world class serving the equestrian sport in 3 disciplines: show jumping, dressage & eventing.

In 2006 it was bought by a group of horse lovers who decided to upgrade the facilities to world class standards.

  Fursan Equestrian Center - 8, rue du Viaduc - 60 270 Gouvieux - France - Tél : + 33.3 44 99 09 27 -